Pattaya at Night


The variety of nighttime activities continuing until dawn is so diverse and appealing to individual tastes and moods. Most likely any fantasy can be fulfilled, especially after sunset. The extension of Beach road in South Pattaya turns into a promenade and becomes one of the hottest nightspot in town. A hunting ground beaming with neon lights and music await for fellow holiday-makers youths & aged alike to find an endless array of dining, shopping or entertainment establishments. Worthy of notice are discos in Pattaya that are hi-tech extravaganza filled with flashing lights, trendy music, and fun loving crowds. Pattaya is famous for its incredible nightlife activities, and South Pattaya is the jewel in its crown. One can enjoy Thai-boxing or some glaring erotic shows, a wide variety of fascinating shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and other pleasurable establishments, side-by-side with all kinds of shopping. The only required skill is the time management so you can experience all the wonders in such a short night.

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